Genius Focus Micro Dose


Buy Genius Focus MicroDose in Canada Genius Focus MicroDose 125MG Psilocybin W/ 225MG Lion’s Mane & Niacin

Mungus Paul Stamets Micro Dose blend induce neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells) in our brains. Once thought to only occur during adolescence, studies have shown that this can occur in the adult brain as well.  Lion’s Mane is a fungi that is a true nootropic that permanently enhances cognition by improving the brain’s ability to alter itself. By covering the nerve tissues with myelin, which is a crucial factor for the body to grow nerves. Niacin (Vitamin B3) is used in this microdose to stimulate the peripheral nervous system that allows the Lion’s Mane and psilocybin to reach the entire body. Niacin gives you a red flush when taken and this effect can be a bit uncomfortable and/or itchy but it is through this mechanism that the other active ingredients can flow to the different parts of your body.

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