What Is The Lifecycle Of Magic Mushrooms Dose?

The Lifecycle Of Magic Mushrooms Dose

The effects usually take time to kick in, the effects take even longer time to wear off. You can experience the effects for hours and that should be considered before taking the dose. Usually, the effects may last for about 3-6 hours but can extent to about 12 hours. The time depends on the dose, the state of the substance and the level of tolerance to the substance.

With the lemon juice, the lick sets in faster and wears off faster as the citric acid boosts the metabolism of psilocybin faster. It is a good remedy that want to experience a swift trip and short term effects.

Microdosing is a good option for those who want to experience the beneficial effects without the more intense psychoactive effects. A slightly higher mild dose will bring about manageable mild effects. This way you can experience the effects while also maintaining alertness and functionality.