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Known as the miracle cup of solvents, Hash is less concentrated and dates as far back as 12000 years. Newbies can try hash and in fact, it is recommended that they do if they want to commence with something easy. It is amusingly stronger than regular buds, but also softer and easier when compared to other shatters. The extraction route is majorly mechanically done and chemically free -- from the compression of trichomes. Mungus is the leading online dispensary to get marijuana found in Canada, and you can purchase your quality has right with Mungus. Buy the best Hash online in Canada.

What is Hashish?

It is known as one of the earliest cannabis concentrates that man has ever known. It is gotten when trichomes or crystals are extracted from the buds and compressed with each other to derive a brick-shaped hardened hash.

It gives off the same effect as popular cannabis flowers but in a stronger and yet controller manner. It is interestingly solvent-less and has 30%-60% THC levels which signifies it to be twice or thrice the potency of the buds it was derived from. While this 60% benchmark may seem like a deluge, other cannabis concentrates have higher values.

To get a soft and controlled high, the hash is a great choice if you want to dip your toes in the realm of Cannabis concentrates rather than using known flowers– and also for the reason mentioned above.

Negative Effects

The well-known typical side effects of smoking hash are Cottonmouth and dry/red eyes. On the flip, these effects are not always obvious or very serious. You can experience some periods of dizziness, nausea, and headaches when consumed in large volume. Knowing your limits and responsibly taking hash is a piece of good advice.

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Different Types of Hash

In the Canadian cannabis scene, Hash has been noticed for a while now. During the period, people discovered and invented many amazing ways and methods to derive hash from marijuana flowers.

The Bubble Hash is one of those methods, Dry Ice, Dry Sift, Lebanese Hash, while the Royal Afghani Hash follows suit, and Indian Charas which is also known as rub.

Each of these types is made using different processes, but all results in the wonderful substance we know.

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This hashish is derived using different routes and all result interestingly in the substance that we know as HASH.

Best Consumption Methods

The best way to consume hash is by the combination with some marijuana flowers and taking the smoke in a joint. Other means may be the bong or pipe or vaporizer. The underlying factor here is that it must be taken responsibly and in the right doses.

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Guidelines for using Hash

  • Acknowledge your limits: understanding your limits is very vita. Everyone has limits.
  • Be clear with your purpose: Why exactly are you consuming hash? Energization? Relaxation? Find out.
  • Stay responsible: While taking Hash is fun, never consume it and drive. It is both illegal to behave in such a way and can be dangerous
  • Watch out for any medical conditions that could jeopardize the whole process.

While Hash is potent, it is sincerely not the most potent Cannabis concentrate found in the market space. There are more potent derivatives like budder, shatter, live resin, distillates, and even oils. Those who prefer the healthier way of consumption can explore Edibles.

If you want or desire something that’s not very strong, you can explore normal cannabis flowers. Thousands of Cannabis strain exists in Canada and they can’t wait to have you test each one.

How to Make Hash?

Maybe you’re considering making hash at home, the reply may thrill you– it’s not that tedious to do. However, you will be requiring lots of bud and trimmings. Trimmings can be easily purchased or gotten if you grow weed at home.

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Made from compression of trichomes, there are several ways to achieve Hashish. They include:

  • Rolling with the Hands
  • Dry Sifting
  • Compressing Keif
  • Dry Ice Method

Let us take a look at two of these methods– hand rolling and Sifting methods.

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Hand Rolling

This is surely one of the oldest means in the world among all methods. The reason behind this is not difficult to figure out– nearly every human existing has two hands.

This method is quite simple and doesn’t require technical expertise though it can be messy. Also, you may not get much hashish as needed if this method is engaged.

Besides the aforementioned sides of this process, its simplicity is very encouraging. You’re on the right way if you want to prepare hashish for home consumption. This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Wash your hands and put on gloves. This is to prevent your concentration from being contaminated with germs that are in the hand. It is relevant for your health and the product as taste and experience may be affected in case of contamination.

Step 2: Roll the marijuana into a ball in both palms but with less pressure. When a dark film forms on your hand, you can choose to stop but the more you roll, the more you will have it on your hands. The more you want, the more you should keep rolling.

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Step 3: Scrape out the dark resin as it is the hashish you are trying to derive and not what’s left of the rolled marijuana. You can use any tool to scrape it off your hands– just make sure you get as much as you can. You don’t want to waste good kush.

Once you get the resin off your hands, compress it together. This must be done until a solid or semi-solid ball is formed.

Once that’s done, your hashish is ready to be consumed. As regards the leftover rolled marijuana, you can do anything with it. Some folks may want to smoke it. Just know that the feeling is quite different and won’t be enjoyed as smoking the just squeezed out hashish.

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Dry Sift

It has been said earlier of the initial limitation of using the hand rolling method. Thankfully, you need not worry about its low yield when you use the dry sift method. Well, you cannot extract more than 30grams worth according to Canadian standards though you can get a more satisfying amount.

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Go through the following steps:

  • Put the screen above the clean, flat surface for holding up the resin. Then retain your frozen trimmings of cannabis on the silkscreen.
  • Put on your gloves and then move the flower carefully around the silkscreen to separate the trichomes for its plant. They will fall through the screen to a very clean surface. If you need a pure one, you can continue performing this action until you have resin as much as 20% of the flower on the screen.
  • Take out the trichomes that fell through the screen, and use a tea strainer to sift them clean. After doing this, package the trichomes into a cellophane bag.
  • Wrap the bag with enough paper and seal it with tape. This is needed because the bag will need to be saturated with hot water.
  • Put the wet bag in a hot oven of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and allow it to bake for 15minutes until the resin melts.
  • Once this is carried out, roll it out equally with a rolling pin without extracting the hashish.
  • Place your rolled hash into the refrigerator to cool. Put your rolled hash into a refrigerator to cool off. As soon as it cools, you have your hashish ready for consumption. 

It is very better and important to know that dry sifting has its limitations also. Its main flaw is that you cannot get the same quality as when it is being done by yourself. It is also of great quality, the ones you get from a dispensary like Mungus. Mungus offers awesome weeds. You can buy Hashish from the top dispensary in Canada.


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