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Indica Weed Strains

The Indica is also known as "nighttime weed" because of this strain's sedating and euphoric effect. It comprises a larger CBD content which makes it more therapeutic and relevant. Other strains like the Sativa contain high levels of THC concentrations. These species are resistant to disease and harsh weather conditions. It has a high yield rate and grows after with its natural ability to grow against all odds. Patients that depend on psychoactive drugs like marijuana rely on Indica for its appetite and sleep stimulation.


Effects of Indica Weed

The effect of Indica weed is drowsiness, sleep, and appetite stimulation compared with that of Sativa, also known as the “social weed” because it can be used for creative thinking and helps in social interaction caused by this strain. 

This strain is well-known for producing a relaxing, body-numbing high that leaves you feeling euphoric, sedated, and medicated. It’s the kind of marijuana you’d smoke before bed or after work to relax.

Prepare yourself for a heightened appetite if you consume this cannabis strain.

We advise against smoking indica before or during work if your job entails complex tasks that require you to stay sharp and focused. Sativa is a better option in this case.

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Medical Uses

Indica strains are preferred by medical marijuana users due to their body numbing and relaxing properties. As a result, it’s popular for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia. In small doses, it can help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

This strain is preferred for medical use over Sativa due to its CBD dominance. CBD, like THC, is a psychoactive compound with analgesic properties that do not intoxicate. This is due to cannabinoid receptors in the human brain and the chemical composition of these two compounds.

Negative Effects

When you smoke Cannabis, you almost certainly get cottonmouth and dry red eyes. The good news is that these effects are, at best, minor and transient.

However, taking too much may cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

Use Cannabis with caution, especially if you intend to combine it with other drugs or alcohol. If you’re already high, don’t feel obligated to take another hit because a bong is being passed around; it’s fine to skip a few rounds.

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What exactly influences the effects of Cannabis

There are numerous beliefs and claims about Cannabis in mainstream and local media. Many people believe that Cannabis has effects just because it is Cannabis. However, this is not the case. Certain chemicals and compounds affect the plant’s effect. They are as follows:


Overall, Cannabis is a one-of-a-kind plant. The cannabinoids it contains are among the characteristics that set it apart. These cannabinoids are naturally occurring plant components.

There are numerous of them. So many that scientists still don’t know what they all do. However, two types of cannabinoids stand out among scientists. They are as follows:

Cannabidiol (CBD). 

This distinct compound is especially noticeable in cannabis plants. However, the compound is not responsible for the high you experience. Instead of getting you high, it is thought to have other health benefits. However, numerous scientific studies are still being conducted to determine its exact benefits on the human body.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) (THC). It could be considered the Yin to Cannabidiol’s Yang. It is the psychoactive component of your marijuana. That means it’s responsible for the euphoric high you get from smoking marijuana.

Cannabis also contains other potent content, which is: tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN). These compounds’ concentrations differ between Cannabis strains. A strain that contains more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than Cannabidiol (CBD) is far more likely to get you high.

These compounds’ concentrations differ between Cannabis strains. It is a strain with more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content than its Cannabidiol (CBD) content. It’s more potent than others, and it can intoxicate you faster than other psychoactive substances.

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When you search the internet, you will almost always find information about the benefits of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. In addition to these two compounds, Terpenes are another group of compounds that may be influential in producing different effects. 

Types of Indica Strains

These strains are divided into two; the pure strain and the hybrids. The pure strains are used for alleviating anxiety and pain

There aren’t many pure 100 percent Indica strains on the market these days, but you can find some if you look hard enough.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular pure Cannabis Indica strains in Canada: Pine Tar Kush; Hindu Kush; Afghani indica Kush; Chemo; Tora Bora; Purple Kush

There are few hybrid weeds with at least 75% of Indica contents: Khalifa Kush; Gas Mask; Bubba Kush; Critical Mass; Death Star; LA Confidential; Master Kush; OG Kush; Pink Kush; Violator Kush

Best Ways to Consume Indica Flower

Indica marijuana can be smoked, vaporized, or turned into edibles.

If you prefer smoking, nothing beats a good old joint. If joints aren’t your thing and you prefer something easy to prepare and store, consider a glass/ wooden pipe or a bong.

Vaping is a better alternative to smoking because it provides the same “smoking” sensation without the combustion process. No toxic chemicals are released when vaping the herb because it is heated rather than burned.

The healthiest way to consume marijuana without smoking or vaping is to extract its THC into food and consume it orally. You can buy ready-made edibles/ oils or make your own “cannabutter,” which you can use in almost any recipe that calls for butter.

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Indica Alternatives

Sativa strains are the best choice for daytime cannabis consumption. Try hybrid cannabis strains if you want the best of both worlds. They combine the best qualities of Indica and Sativa strains.

Other options include Cannabis concentrates such as shatter, budder, live resin, cannabis oil, and hash. Each has its unique personality and is fantastic in its own right! For more information, please see our Cannabis concentrates page.

Another option is to extract the THC and CBD and mix it with food to make edible marijuana. The main advantage of this method is that you avoid smoking and can keep your lungs healthy.


Cannabis is a chemical that occurs naturally. It, like many other natural products, can make you feel good. However, it can be quite intense. Before using Indica, consider how it will interact with your current medications and medical conditions.

Furthermore, microdosing Cannabis is required for beginners and experts because you must always know the percentage of psychoactive content and the type of weed before consuming it.

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