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Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Weed

The first step to entering the world of cannabis is understanding its different forms, subcategories, and products. After all, how will you get to know the differences in effects of what you’re consuming if you’re not mindful of what is entering your body in the first place?

Even if you’ve only started to explore the world of cannabis, you must have heard the terms hybrid cannabis, indica, sativa too many times to ignore. After all, these are the three basic categories you will be asked to choose from while buying weed!

Are you confused about what all this means? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! This article will talk to you about everything you possibly need to know about marijuana hybrids to help you experiment in a better and safer manner.

What Is Weed?

We want this guide to be as comprehensive as possible. Therefore, before we even start talking about what hybrid weed is, we need to make sure that you are aware of what weed is in the first place. However, we will not get into too much detail here.

To put things into better perspective, the first point to mention is that you must have heard of weed under different names, such as marijuana or pot. Well, do not get confused. These are all slang terms for the same thing – the psychoactive form of the cannabis plant.

But wait, isn’t cannabis as a whole intoxicating? Well, no!

The cannabis plant as a whole is hardly intoxicating. Some of them, such as the hemp plant, are not intoxicating at all. However, others such as cannabis indica and sativa are.

Cannabis is not only what the pop culture has stereotyped and generalized it as today. The plants have been around for centuries for their blissful and medicinal properties. It is only in recent years that the recreation purposes of the plant have also been recognized.

So, what is it that causes weed to be intoxicating? It is the chemical compound that goes by the name cannabinoids that, when paired with a human’s endocannabinoid system, cause the effects it is well known for. However, much research is pending on how these two chemicals react and produce their results.

What Is Hybrid Weed?

One very important thing to understand hybrid weed’s meaning is to know the subcategories of cannabis in general.

After years of research, scientists have concluded that cannabis can be divided into two subcategories: indica and sativa. While indica is known for its sedative and relaxing effects on the body, sativa is better known for its euphoric and energetic effects on the mind. Both the subcategories have their share of benefits and problems.

To get the most out of both the strains and negate their faults, farmers started crossbreeding indica and sativa cannabis types, thus forming hybrid weeds.

When we understand what hybrid weed is, we cannot leave you at that, though. We need to give you a more comprehensive look into the categories of hybrid cannabis:

  • Indica Dominant Hybrids: These hybrids generally have a 75% or higher composition of indica genes. Therefore, they typically offer a higher body high and are ideal for their numbing and calming effects. People should take Indica dominants in the night right before bed to calm down and sleep
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrids: These hybrids generally have a 75% or higher composition of Sativa genes. Therefore, they offer a mood upliftment and allow you to feel more focused and social. Users should use these in the day to go through the day in a euphoric mood
  • Pure Hybrids: Pure hybrids generally come in a 50-50, 45-55, or a maximum of 90-10 split between Indica and Sativa. Therefore, they offer a similar amount of cerebral and bodily buzz. Consequently, you would neither be lazing on the couch nor be jumping on a trampoline for no reason

Differences Between Indica and Sativa Hybrid Weeds

You have some understanding of what indica-dominant hybrid weed and sativa-dominant hybrid weed are. You also know the minor differences between the two. However, there are still several truths to uncover about the two.

Indica cannabis, in general, is known to be bushier, and sativa cannabis is known to be taller and narrower. Resultantly, we can see these characteristics in their respective dominant hybrids as well.

Indica-dominant hybrids will generally be bushier and broad leaves, while sativa-dominant strains usually are lankier and narrow and leave.

Sativa dominant strains are also much lighter in appearance than the indica-dominant ones, which are generally deep purple. Some indica-dominant strains can also be anything between bright orange and lime green.

Both indica-dominants and sativa-dominants, unlike their pure forms, will neither get you stuck on the couch nor make you too anxious to go about your day.

What Do Hybrid Weeds Look Like?

By this point, you should be aware of what hybrid weed looks like. There is no one answer to this problem since the appearance depends on the buds and parent strains.

If the hybrid is sativa-dominant, it will be taller, lankier, and have an earthy flavor and smell. It is also likely to be much lighter in color.

Indica strains, on the other hand, will be fluffier, thicker, dark-colored, and much heavier. Most indica-strains can be characterized by purple and pink hues laced with either lime green or bright orange hair. Sweet or sour flavors and smells characterize most indica strains, and the best of them might even have a diesel-like smell.

What Are the Effects of Hybrid Weed?

All hybrid weed strains tend to have different effects, owing to their parent strains and compositions. When it comes to hybrid cannabis, you can expect the effects to range from anything between creative, energizing, or relaxing.

You need to be the judge of the kind of high you prefer that day. You need to decide whether you prefer a cerebral high over a bodily high or vice-versa. After all, you can be the only judge of what you like.

To know how exactly a hybrid strain will feel after smoking, make sure to look into its genotype. Doing so will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of effects, potency, smell, flavor, and even the longevity of the high.

Medical Benefits of Hybrid Weed

Most of the medical benefits of marijuana are associated with indica strains. However, Sativa strains have their fair share of medical benefits that they can offer to users. In this sense, hybrid weed is the best as it gives a good idea since it takes the benefits from both and mixes it into one spectacular blend.

Most good-quality hybrid weed strains can offer anxiety relief, complete body pain relief, and mood boosts. The higher the CBD value in the strain, the more its capability to fight insomnia.

You can do extensive research and determine which strain is ideal for providing the kind of medicinal benefit. This is so because some strains are even known to have anti-cancer properties, while others can have antidepressant properties.

Possible Side Effects of Hybrid Weed

Anything in excess is not good for the body and the mind. This is also the case with cannabis; the more you consume, the more you are likely to feel unpleasant.

Since cannabis is entirely natural, it is not likely to provide any adverse side effects to the body. It will not cause eternal harm. However, some potent strains, especially those high in THC, can lead to an uncomfortable trip. The best thing you can do to help yourself in such a situation is to remind yourself that this is temporary and the paranoia will disappear when you come down.

Most of the negative side effects of hybrid cannabis can be worn off with the help of activities such as eating and taking a shower. You can also take a few deep breaths to ease any anxiety.

Physical effects such as red or dry eyes and cottonmouth are also common with mediocre hybrids or on consuming too much.

Most Popular Hybrid Strains

While you should choose the hybrid weed, you want to smoke by understanding what you can expect in terms of the high. After all, things that the majority prefers often tend to be more reliable, right?

  • Gelato: Even as one of the newest hybrid weeds in the market, Gelato was one of the most popular strains in 2020. Like a cross between the Thin Mint GCS and Sunset Sherbet, this is a delicious bud. However, it is also incredibly potent and not ideal for new smokers
  • AK-47: This Sativa dominant hybrid strain allows you to get as creative as you can be even through a block. It has a highly earthy and peppery aroma and flavor, making it unique and popular in Canada
  • Blue Dream: The Blue Dream is a perfectly balanced cross between the cerebral and physical buzz you can experience. However, it is Indica dominant, allowing you to get a sweet taste of relaxation right before you doze off

How to Use Hybrid Cannabis

One of the best things about hybrid cannabis or usual cannabis is that it is very versatile. Therefore, what you might deem the ideal way to use cannabis might not be suitable for others.

The few ways you can smoke cannabis are either by smoking through a joint, smoking through a pipe, vaping through an herb vaporizer, or just eating in edibles.


Before you get to smoking, you will need to get your hands on some good-quality kush. You can get some from any online dispensary of your choice. Here are a few ways by which you can smoke your weed:

  • Joint: Get a rolling paper, get your weed and roll it up into small joints or blunts to obtain some pure weed smoke into your system
  • Bongs: If you do not want to take the time to roll a joint, just put some weed in a bong and smoke away
  • Pipe: The most straightforward way by far to smoke weed is through a pipe. Replace the classic tobacco with some fancy weed, and you’ll be good to go to get the full aroma and flavors

Smoking is considered ideal since it allows the weed to enter your system and help you feel instant benefits.

Marijuana Oils

If you do not want to smoke your weed, that’s okay. You do not have to deal with the flowers at all! You can simply buy some marijuana oil and put it in your mouth; ideally, slip it under your tongue and let the product do its magic. Some people also like to use weed oil on their nostrils, but that’s redundant at times.

Marijuana oil will take about an hour to take effect, and whatever effect it does have will be slightly light and full-bodied. You can, however, choose the strength you want to experience with your cannabis oil.


If you do not want to do anything fishy to make anyone suspect you, you can just get some edibles. After all, this way, you can enjoy the slow high and come down without anyone knowing that you took anything. So much so that even your body will not be aware of something happening until it happens!

You can completely hide the taste of the cannabis in a sweet or savory snack laced with cannabutter, which is nothing but butter infused with cannabis. You can prepare one huge batch of cannabutter and use it over months in different edibles.

The problems with edibles are that their high is very slow and unpredictable. They take the longest to kick in because the cannabinoids first have to break down in the liver. Furthermore, you can never predict how long the high will last.


If you’ve been into cannabis for quite some time and want to get into something stronger, you can try concentrates. As the name suggests, these products are highly concentrated with cannabis, making their effects much more potent.

Most concentrates are high on THC concentration and are much more potent than most flowers. However, you will need some special equipment to prepare smoke concentrates such as shatter and hash.

How to Grow Marijuana

Are you both: a plant and a marijuana lover? If yes, you must have, at some point, thought of growing some in your house, right?

Well, even though growing your weed would be cool, we have some sad news for you. Cannabis is not like other plants that just need planting and minimum care. Instead, you will need a special apparatus to grow marijuana. Not only do you need a dedicated room, but also growing guides.

To grow marijuana, you first need to create proper air circulation in the dedicated grow room. Unfortunately, that is not enough. Often, with the help of LEDs, you will have to check on the plants at least three to four times a day. After all, they need proper humidity, light, and temperature regulation.

Another great thing about growing marijuana is that it can grow hydroponically. While growing it both, with and without soil, can be very messy, hydroponically growing cannabis can be very beneficial.

If you want to grow some good quality weed, you will have to nourish and cherish the babies carefully. Make sure that the plants get everything they need to flourish.

How to Dry and Cure Marijuana

Depending upon the strain and variety, weed can take anything from weeks to months to reach maturity. However, you cannot just start smoking your weed right after maturity. They need to be dried and cured first.

We suggest you tie them upside down in your grow room for five to six days to dry your weed. This process will get all the excess moisture out of the buds to avoid mold in the next step.

Most experienced cultivators prefer putting their weed into mason jars for the next step since they do not let any air pass. However, these jars still allow some breathing space to the plants, making them the ideal choice.

Each cannabis bud is required to stay in this airtight environment for at least four to eight weeks. This process is called curing.

Throughout the first week of this period, you need to open the jar for about 30-45 minutes a day to give them space to ‘burp’. However, after the first week, you only need to open the jar about 2-3 times in a week. Every time you open the jar, make sure you do it while shaking your weed slightly inside the jar.

It is only after this curing period has passed that your weed will be ready to smoke.

How to Store Marijuana

The fresher the cannabis, the better it is. Therefore, it is always best to smoke your weed as quickly as you’re done curing it. After all, the greater environmental interaction your cannabis has, the more dangerous its natural composition will be.

However, we understand that you cannot always consume the weed within a few days of its growth. Therefore, you need to know how to store it.

The best place and way to store cannabis is by placing it in a cool and dry space with almost no environmental interaction. Ensure that the buds do not have to bear a lot of harsh heat, light, and moisture.

The best place to store weed is in an airtight container, preferably a mason jar or a plastic box.

Differences Between Marijuana Flowers and Other Cannabis Products

Cannabis products come in varied shapes, sizes, and efficiencies. However, no product can be as unique and authentic as the marijuana flower.

When compared to concentrates, marijuana flowers stand out in terms of physical attributes and effects. While flowers are delicate and large, concentrates are generally dense and waxy. Most concentrates have incredibly high levels of THC, making them very efficient and potent. They are not ideal for beginner smokers or everyday smokers.

Cannabis oils, on the other hand, differ primarily in terms of consumption. While flowers are smoked, oils are sublingually consumed. They come in dirty brown or yellow color while the flowers come in staringly vibrant colors.

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So, now that your question ‘what is hybrid weed’ has been answered, we’re sure we have sold you to the idea of buying some for yourself.

An important thing to note about buying weed online is getting it from a reputable online dispensary. Why? This is because hybridization requires very careful skills and knowledge that most unauthorized sellers do not cater to.

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