After I take magic mushrooms

How long will it take for the effects to kick in

After ingesting any dose of psilocybin, the trip effects will not set in immediately. As it is with marijuana, your body first absorbs and reacts with the component chemicals of the substance before experiencing any impact on your mind and body. Hence, you will have to wait for it to take its course. It might kick in in under an hour or more. Do not take more during this period so you don’t overdose. This will cause you to experience a bad trip with undesirable effects.

This time also varies from individual to individual. If two people take the same dose of the same batch of psilocybin, one might feel it set in faster than the other person depending on the body weight and metabolism of the person relative to the other.
It can also depend on the manner of usage. It is reported that brewing it as tea and mixing in lemon juice leads to the rapid onset of the effects, This is attributed to the enhancing effects of citric acid on psilocybin which aids the speedy reaction of psilocybin into its active form. Allow the substance time to take its full effects.